New LENOX Mobile Torch System Provides Hot Performance and Cool Mobility

    Jul 05, 2007

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., July 18, 2007 — LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, today introduced the new LENOX Mobile Torch System that extends the reach and access on the job. This easy to carry, heavy duty molded case provides storage, accessibility and protection of gas cylinders, torch tips, solder and accessories. The Mobile Torch System offers accessibility in tight work areas such as crawl spaces, attics, cabinets, and ladders. The completely self-contained system includes many timesaving features to solve common jobsite frustrations and ultimately save professionals time and money.

    The LENOX Mobile Torch System eliminates the need to carry multiple tool bags on the job. The accessory compartment provides quick access and convenient storage for solder, flux, brushes, abrasives, tubing cutter and extra tips. The dual gas container can store two MAPP® or propane gas cylinders — eliminating the need to leave a jobsite to get a refill cylinder.

    The system includes a 12.5 foot hose with metal strain relief to prevent kinking at the fitting, self-igniting tip with replaceable burn tip, tip handle and new all-brass regulator with hose attachment and Compressed Gas Association (CGA) 600 cylinder connection. The 12.5 foot hose is longer than most on the market for easy use in tight crawl spaces or jobs that require a ladder. The system is built with a rugged, lightweight case with integrated hose wrap and vented tip holster to hold tips while cooling. The Mobile Torch System is compatible with LENOX components as well as many other brands on the market.

    "The LENOX Mobile Torch System was developed with professionals in mind," stated Lee Wilkins, director of marketing, LENOX. "This is the only product on the market with the multi-functionality of accessory and dual gas cylinder storage, easy accessibility to most job situations, and protection of all components on and off the job. Each of the many features of the Mobile Torch System were added for increased ease of use, durability and convenience, which in turn will result in higher productivity and profitability for plumbers and other professionals who use the system."

    The new LENOX Mobile Torch System can be purchased at plumbing supply houses and national dealers and distributors throughout North America.