LENOX Air Acetylene & Air Propane/MAPP Torches

    Dec 18, 2006

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass.— LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, has introduced a new line of air acetylene torches and accessories that solve common frustrations for plumbers and other professionals who use them. Multiple unique features make carrying "B" and "MC" tanks, wrapping hoses, storing tips, accessories and other tools, and reading and safeguarding the gauge easier than ever before.

    "The days of uncomfortably lugging around heavy tanks and hoses with items like shop rags, having to devise creative methods for storing tips and other commonly used tools and accessories and replacing entire tips due to wear or damage of tip parts are over," said Lee Wilkins, director of marketing for torches, gas, solder & accessories, LENOX®. "From the beginning, we were determined to design our torches so that they not only solve those issues, but make users′ jobs easier in ways that maybe they hadn′t even considered."

    TANKTOTE Tank Sleeve

    The TANKTOTE tank sleeves keep commonly used tools and accessories safely within easy reach. Special compartments built into the sleeves offer handy storage solutions for such commonly used tools and accessories as solder, brazing rods, tubing cutters, pliers, levels and pencils, as well as a variety of tips. An integrated hose wrap also secures the hose quickly and easily, while a tough metal coil hose strain relief on all hoses provides extra protection against damage caused by hose kinking at the fittings.

    Regulator, Gauge and Carry Handle Assembly

    LENOX® has developed an assembly that includes a durable, highly accurate brass piston regular, a comfortable carry handle and a large, easy to read 2" diameter gauge. The gauge

    is shielded by GAUGEGUARD, a protective layer of high-strength, composite material that extends upward to form the TANKTOTE carry handle, which contains a convenient built-in area for tank key storage. No more lost tank keys or ruining expensive tools by using them to pry tanks open.

    Torch Tip Rebuild Kits

    Rebuild kits are available for each of the swirl flame torch tips, ending the frustration and expense associated with replacing the entire unit if a part fails. Each rebuild kit comes complete with a replacement burn tip, orifice and "O" ring. Simplicity has been worked into the design of the tips to ensure easy replacement of parts. The burn tip can be unscrewed and replaced by hand. A worn "O" ring can be replaced by simply cutting it off and rolling the new one down from the burn tip. A faulty orifice can be removed and replaced using a plain head screwdriver.

    The new air acetylene torches are available for both "B" and "MC" tanks in nine different kits, each featuring a different tip/set of tips. Torch tip rebuild kits are also available separately, making it possible to replace damaged or worn parts individually rather than having to purchase a whole new tip assembly.

    The new LENOX® air acetylene and air propane/MAPP torches, accessories and tip rebuild kits can be purchased at plumbing supply houses and national dealers and distributors.