LENOX® Introduces New Line of Hand and Swivel Torches

    Jan 18, 2006

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools and band saw blades, today introduced a new line of hand and swivel torches for professionals. Each of the six torches in the line provides maximum targeted heat output that outperforms the market by as much as 35 percent. In addition, each features a unique construction that offers greater durability than competitive products.

    LENOX Hand Torches

    LENOX hand torches accommodate both MAPP® and propane fuel and feature maximum targeted heat output through swirl, adjustable ultra swirl and large diameter flames. In other words, the torches burn fuel faster, getting the job done quickly while using less fuel. Targeted, adjustable heat makes the torches ideal for concentrated applications such as brazing and sweating. Internal testing has shown that the LENOX LT92 hand torch can solder ¾ inches copper tubing up to four seconds faster than the competition. What′s more, a MAPP cylinder in a LENOX LT92 hand torch can solder approximately 50 more joints in the same copper tubing than it can when used in a leading competitive brand.

    A unique cast aluminum construction grants the LENOX hand torches unsurpassed durability and greater protection from drops at extreme heights when compared to typical plastic torch housings. Self-igniting trigger start and lock buttons allow the LENOX hand torches to burn continuously, and piston regulation makes the torch burn properly when turned in all directions — features that provide users with more convenience, accuracy and longer tool life.

    LENOX Swivel Torches

    For users who work in tight spots and need greater accessibility, LENOX offers two models of swivel torches, each which rotate 360 degrees to perform in even confined or awkward spaces. Like the hand torches, LENOX swivel torches offer targeted and adjustable heat output through an adjustable swirl flame for maximum heat transfer, burning faster and longer using less fuel. Independent third party testing has demonstrated that the LENOX LS20 swivel torch provides 18 percent more heat transfer than the leading competitor. What′s more, a MAPP cylinder runs 35 percent longer in a LENOX LS20 swivel torch than the leading competitive brand.

    LENOX swivel torches are made of extremely durable solid brass. The LS20 features a self-igniting trigger start, and both have a heavy-duty trigger for added durability and convenience.

    "These new high-quality torches are built for the professional and are unmatched in their design, durability and fuel efficiency," said Bob Heisner, vice president of marketing at LENOX. "The unique design and value-added features are a result of customer input, feedback and testing in real-life scenarios. It′s how LENOX ensures that its products not only perform better, but make the professional user perform better on the job."

    LENOX hand and swivel torches use 14.1 ounce MAPP and 16 ounce propane cylinders. All LENOX torches, assemblies and kits can be purchased at plumbing supply houses and national dealers and distributors.