LENOX® Introduces First-of-its-Kind LENOX Gold™ Titanium Edge Bi-Metal Utility Blades and Knives

    Aug 16, 2005

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, today announces the introduction of a revolutionary new line of utility blades and knives. The LENOX Gold bi-metal utility blade is the first ever to feature a titanium nitride (TiN) coated edge, making it the longest lasting utility blade ever made. Users can extend the life of these blades even further by using the innovative new LENOX Gold utility knife, which has a patented titanium-coated stainless steel nose that stands up to the most abusive work situations like no other knife on the market.

    LENOX Gold TiN Coated Bi-Metal Utility Blade

    The cutting edge of new LENOX Gold bi-metal utility blades gets its gold color from a unique and patented coating process called physical vapor deposition (PVD). This process binds titanium nitride to the edge of a bi-metal blade. Bi-metal is made with two pieces of steel welded together, providing a flexible spring steel backing allowing the blade to bend without breaking. This TiN coating coupled with the strength of bi-metal produces a blade that has outlasted regular carbon blades during independent testing. This means that drywallers, insulation installers, roofing and floor installers are faced with fewer blade changes during a normal workday, resulting in increased productivity, less risk of injury due to broken blades, and lower costs per cut.

    "LENOX invests heavily in research to provide our customers with the highest quality, longest lasting blades that improve productivity and costs per cut," said Rich Mathews, vice president of marketing at LENOX. "We were the first to introduce bi-metal technology more than 20 years ago with our reciprocating saw blades, and it changed the marketplace. By taking the technology a step further with LENOX Gold, we′re bringing the highest quality, most durable product possible to the consumer."

    Storing the new blades is safer and more convenient with the new LENOX blade dispenser. The durable design holds blades securely so that they won′t come out and injure workers. Blades in dispensers are sold in 50 and 100 packs of blades.

    LENOX Utility Knife with Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel Nose

    To maximize the life of these industry-changing blades, LENOX has developed a rugged and easy-to-use utility knife with a first-of-its-kind one-piece titanium-coated solid stainless steel nose, a benefit that improves the lifespan of the product.

    "The pressure on the utility knife when scoring drywall often takes its toll on the knives themselves," Mathews said. "Most knives have two pieces that hold the blade in place. All knives take abuse on the job site, and those that have two-piece noses are typically forced apart near the blade. The bottom of the LENOX patented stainless steel nose protects against the wear that occurs when it is dragged along work surfaces, while the titanium coating on the upper part of the nose protects against day-to-day abuse. Simply put, our technology results in a more durable knife."

    LENOX has designed the knife to include features that improve job speed. A quick blade-change mechanism is built into the knife allowing for a blade replacement to occur in a matter of seconds. What′s more, no tools are needed to insert new blades, saving users time typically spent opening and closing the knife.

    The utility knife comes in both retractable and fixed versions. The retractable version includes a three-position retractable blade and solid shaft retractor that is designed to improve durability. The retractable knife can hold up to five blades, and the fixed knife can hold up to 10 blades.

    LENOX blades, utility knives and dispensers are sold at industrial and construction supply houses, building supply centers, hardware stores and home centers nationwide.