LENOX® Line of Professional Tubing Cutters Answers User Demands

    Jan 27, 2005

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, introduced a new line of professional tubing cutters specifically designed to meet contractor needs. Engineered for plumbing and HVAC contractors, the LENOX tubing cutters ensure a clean, highly accurate cut every time and includes innovations that address some common contractor complaints regarding productivity and down time.

    The new LENOX line includes six sizes ranging in cutting capacity from 1/8" to 2-5/8" tubing.

    All six tubing cutters improve durability by featuring a full-stop system that keeps the wheel and roller from colliding after cutting, keeping the wheel sharper longer. Five of the six cutters offer additional value through on-board wheel storage with one extra wheel that is conveniently located in the handle.

    The three larger capacity tubing cutters feature a four-roller system that holds the pipe at four points versus two, enabling a highly accurate cut without the walking often associated with a two-roller cutter. The four-roller system also allows the contractor to make accurate cuts on larger tubing than a two-roller cutter.

    The new LENOX 1-3/8" and 1-3/4" tubing cutters are designed for quick and easy removal of burrs thanks to a built-in machinist that spins independently of the cutter.

    The 2-5/8" tubing cutter has the capacity for cutting PVC pipe and plastic tubing as well as traditional copper. It features a ratchet-style quick release and close system to make cutting larger tubing quick and easy.

    The new line of LENOX tubing cutters is available now at plumbing distribution centers, co-ops, and HVAC specialty centers.