LENOX "Wolf Wall" Modular Merchandising System

    Jul 20, 2004

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. — LENOX is taking merchandising systems to new levels of ease-of-use, customization and flexibility with its innovative LENOX "Wolf Wall" Modular Merchandising System. It is the system′s simple patent pending design that not only makes it so easy to use but also extremely versatile. Unique interlocking 12" x 12" modular pieces fit together effortlessly to build a core wall merchandising program, enabling dealers and distributors to customize wall layouts to suit their own needs and maximize the effectiveness of their available wall space.

    The core system consists of only three basic components: the 12" x 12" durable molded plastic modules with a perforated hole pattern, a 12" x 3" integrated header that slides into position over the top of each module, and a universal mounting bracket that enables it to work in either peg board or slat wall. The system is versatile enough to accommodate virtually any wall obstruction by creating unique configurations. It can even be hung over the top of doorways or customized to fit into very small spaces, such as beneath or around counters. The system utilizes strong branding elements such as a visible embossed LENOX logo and a bold color contrast to make the distinct signature LENOX white tools stand out for easy identification by construction trade professionals.

    "Our dealer and distributor partners will love the new LENOX ‘Wolf Wall′ Modular Merchandising System because of how flexible, effective and easy to use it is," said Rich Mathews, LENOX vice president of marketing. "The system was designed with great care to help them be as successful in effectively and efficiently driving sales and profits by increasing product turns and movement in their showrooms, many of which have very limited and confining merchandising space."

    In addition to the core program, LENOX plans to launch a number of accessory items to convert the system into off-shelf merchandising solutions next year, including counter displays, counter spinners, and floor standing spinners.

    LENOX "Wolf Wall" Merchandising Systems Available:

    • Plumber′s Planogram, 7′ x 4′, 118 SKUs

    • Electrical Planogram, 6′ x 4′, 98 SKUs

    • 12 individual wall merchandisers, which cover the following product categories:

    o LENOX Gold™ Wood/Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

    o LAZER™/ Demolition Reciprocating Blades

    o Bi-Metal Reciprocating Blades

    o Jig Saw Blades

    o Bi-metal Hole Saws

    o Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

    o Hole Saw Arbors & Accessories

    o Carbide Hole Cutters

    o ONE TOOTH® Rough Wood Hole Cutters

    o VARI-BIT® Drill Bits

    o LEADER® Self-Feed Bits

    o Ship Auger Bits

    o Portable Band Saw Blades

    o Hacksaw Frames & Blades

    o PVC/ABS Hand Saws & Blades

    o Pipe Wrenches

    o Tubing Cutters

    o LENOX Gold™ Utility Knives & Bi-metal Blades

    o Level

    o All-in-One Screwdrivers

    o PROTOOL LUBE® Lubricant

    o Hand Torches & Pro Hose Air Fuel