The LENOX® DIAMOND™ Double Tang Reciprocating Saw Blade

    Mar 08, 2010

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., March 8, 2010 — LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, announces the introduction of the LENOX DIAMOND Double Tang Reciprocating Saw Blade specially redesigned for longer blade life and less waste when cutting through cast iron.  

                      The newly designed blade lasts twice as long as the existing LENOX DIAMOND reciprocating saw blades. The new double tang design provides high performance with less wasted cutting edge by using the portion of the brazed diamond grit edge that typically goes unused when cutting cast iron pipe. The ability to flip the blade doubles the available cutting surface as well as the life of the blade.

                      The dramatic performance of the blade is made possible by the use of industrial diamonds brazed to a narrow blade edge. The LENOX DIAMOND Double Tang Reciprocating Saw Blade′s patent pending design increases the speed of material removal on a cutting application that is notorious for its resistance to conventional separation methods.   

                      "Our end users noted a remarkable difference when using the LENOX DIAMOND Reciprocating Saw Blade for cutting cast iron, but they also noticed that because of the shape of the cutting surface of cast iron pipe, only a portion of the blade′s DIAMOND grit was being used," stated Matt Savarino, Product Manager, LENOX. "The new Double Tang design allows you flip the blade at the point where you would typically throw out the blade – allowing you to continue work without interruption. The LENOX DIAMOND Double Tang reciprocating blade not only cuts through cast iron quicker than any other blade, it′s strength produces a straight, clean cut that is much better for joining new cast iron pipe together."

                      Ideal for cutting cast iron, the LENOX DIAMOND Double Tang blade is also able to cut other tough materials, including fiberglass and ceramic tile, clay pipe, stone, brick, marble, plaster, cement siding board, and laminate flooring.

                      The LENOX DIAMOND Double Tang reciprocating blade is available at plumbing, electrical and construction distributors nationwide.