Jan 27, 2009

    EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. January 27, 2009 — LENOX®, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches, solder and band saw blades, announces the introduction of the LENOX HT50 Hacksaw Frame and T2 Hacksaw Blades. The new frame design has the highest tension of any saw in the world and the LENOX T2 Hacksaw Blade provides two times the life of existing blades; definitely a winning combination.

                      At 50,000 psi, the LENOX HT50 offers the highest tension available on hacksaw frames over the standard 30,000 psi of other frames on the market. The unique I-beam construction allows the frame to accommodate the highest tension and provide less blade movement for faster, straighter cuts. The improved design also features a comfortable handle grip that absorbs shock, reduces discomfort in cold weather and can be effortlessly used by both right and left-handed users. The convenient blade storage area is opened without using a tool and can hold up to five extra blades. The LENOX HT50 can also easily convert to a jab saw.

                      LENOX has combined the long-proven bi-metal expertise with the new T2 technology. Each T2 Technology blade features optimized tooth geometry for each unique TPI [tooth per inch] specification.  The patent-pending design is optimized to minimize friction when cutting through the widest variety of metal materials. The combined technologies have produced a blade that can make more than 250 cuts in solid steel before showing signs of failure.

                      "Cutting speed and quality are the most important factors when using a hacksaw," stated Web Shaffer, director of global product management, LENOX. "Although tradesmen don′t typically spend a lot of time thinking about their hacksaw, when they do use it, they want it to work quickly. The LENOX HT50 used with T2 Hacksaw Blades gives them exactly what they need; fast, straight cuts."

                      "The Hacksaw Blade is a legacy product at LENOX. It was the first product we manufactured back in 1915," stated Lee "Hackman" Breton. It′s an important product for both LENOX and me personally. I did my first car cut using just a LENOX Hacksaw; a job that would have been much easier had I been able to use the HT50 and T2 combination!" 

                      The high tension and reduced blade bend of the LENOX HT50 and the extended blade life of the T2 Hacksaw Blade allow users to get through the material fast.  LENOX HT50 Hacksaw Frames, LENOX T2 Hacksaw Blades and LENOX 88300 saw are sold through electrical, plumbing, HVAC and industrial distributors nationwide. To learn more, or to find your nearest distributor, call 1-800-628-8810 or visit www.lenoxtools.com.