LENOX® | Fire and Rescue Demolition Blades

High stakes.
High performance.

fast, aggressive cutting when it matters most

Demolition Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades


High speed blasting along the cutting edge strengthens the blade to reduce breaks and increase durability

Maximum Durability

Taller and thicker blade profile prevents bending during cutting and provides maximum control in the toughest demolition applications

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Gold® Power Arc® Curved Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blades

Power Arc® Curved Blade

Delivers up to 2X longer life vs. traditional straight LENOX® recip blades*

Aggressive Blade Design

Optimizes the blade's angle of attack for faster cutting in a variety of materials

Extended Blade Life

T2™ Technology and precision applied titanium coating help dissipate heat making blades last longer

Faster Cuts

Titanium coating makes teeth more wear-resistant so they stay sharp for quicker cuts

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* vs. traditional straight LENOX® recip blades